Thursday, March 19, 2009

castle and the juice

Elders use to say that money screws a person 180 flip.They are real right because,that's what the cash did to Fernando last year.He was a healthy happy man but ended up all worn out from head to toe.
Fernando hopped out the school bus and with that he spotted a blank cheque lying on the road.At that glimpse he ignored the amount that rested on his toe but he realized that it can get cracked on by a car or something.And then he also thought that it could go to the wrong hands so,he picked it up and slipped it into one of his pockets.
After covering a distance of one mile,he pulled out the paper and when he put it in front of his eyes his head got dimming all round.A million dollar stamp was stuck on the sheet.Fernando gulped and out of nowhere a laughter came out from his mouth.His head was spaced by devil at that moment and evil started stuffing in his mind,he thought of cashing out the cheque at the moment,or maybe i can start a buissness with that,he said to himself.But from behind his cheek slowly appeared a figure.He was a man walking through the back alley,searching down something as if hunting a little mouse.
Fernando came to him and asked him if he could help and after listening to him he came to know that the man had lost a cheque of a real large amount and he could even die finding that.
"Sir may i ask you that what is in your hand?"he asked innoncently.
o.O,Fernando breathed.If he had his cheque shown then this will be no more Fernando's lucky day.And now again came dreams entering his head.A castle zoomed in with Fernando himself peeking out the window.He wore a king's glittering cloak that hung down till the floor.After that a boy comes from behind with a dozen of drinks on the tray he handled all along.That tray was headlined emperor Fernando.Fernando then picks up one of the drink with his sleepy eyes,gets the pink juice near to his lips.The drink flows upto his lips......
"sir can i---",the man cut off.
Fernando got a bit dazzled up by waking up from his little daydream."well.....i m sorry to report you it's something personal",Fernando said shakingly.
The man understood and left finding his cheque once again.And as he turned,sweat dropped on the back of Fernando's hand.He put his hand on his forehead and found it all cold with a mass of sweat.His heart was pounding and was heavily breathing.He was lost.He did not know what to do and thereby he began going towards his home.And after some steps he understood that he was going the wrong way.So he turned here and there and finally found the right path.
He kept going straight and on his way some police vehicles passed by with full speeds and sirens switched on."Don't think bad Fernando,you did not do anything wrong.It's just picking up a dollar before a wrong person does.I will return him the cheque...I will,"he whispered to himself.And then a rickshaw came to him which halted on his sign.
"Kahaan jaana hai",asked the rickshaw driver in urdu "Where to?"
"Gulshan-e-Iqbal",Fernando replied gulping once more down his throat.
He jumped in and as the driver started on the engine,another rickshaw stopped from behind some meters.Driver of that one talked to the man that Fernando previously met."Gulshan-e-Iqbal",the man slithered.
Fernando's shirt got rained with sweat.He turned to the driver and told him to get him to disco bakery instead.He got a little calmed down that he had dodged the man.But he was wrong.
"Jesus!"exclaimed the man in the rickshaw."i forgot my wallet in that disco bakery cash counter.Driver I m sorry take me there",he requested the driver who turned his steering head.
"Oh my God",said Fernando to his own head.He looked at the man in that adjacent rickshaw who instantly turned away his suspicious stare on Fernando.Both the rickshaw traveled together.
Both the rickshaw jammed their wheels at the disco bakery front door.Fernando climbed down ,pocketed out the cash from his pants and handed it to the rickshaw driver.He ran some steps and when he grabbed the bakery door's handle,something wrong came to his head.He checked in his pockets and ended up thinking that the cheque had fell down somewhere so,Fernando turned back.He saw his rickshaw driver counting down the notes that Fernando himself had handed to him.Among those appeared a cheque.The driver flipped it open,got his eyes widened round and he turned his face to Fernando.Fernando and the man whose cheque it really was froze glaring at the driver.At that a smile got curling up his face and turned on his gears.
Fernando and the other man chased him down but couldn't make it so,that man stopped and hijacked a taxi.Fernando got the driver seat and the other man stepped on the back seat.There was a little mirror that separated the two portions so the man couldn't do a thing to hurt Fernando.He just waved in anger like a baby and Fernando turned up the key and started chasing down the rickshaw.
He went cutting and taking over the cars on his way.Then a lady stepped down the footpath and found herself a victim of the crazy pursuit.Fernando kept zooming towards the lady who finally did all she could do,signal a stop with double hands but the car didn't.Instead it turned pass her and got out without hurting.Fernando just did not care of what damage he could cause.He got on steeping towards the rickshaw driver who after some seconds kept turning back and with hyper actions drove straight down the road.
Fernando finally crashed on a van and his show stood over right there.His head bounced off the dash board and Fernando began to bleed.Blood dropped down his t-shirt's sleeves and he entered a state of nausea.In that he turned his head back and what he saw was a very terrible thing he could think of.The man on the back was a bloody mess.He rested his head on the front seat and was unconscious.Fernando hurried towards the back door,lifted the man and disposed him in the van he crashed on.He along with the van members(who were all right) made it to the hospital.
Thereafter many hours of tension passed by after the victim was found alive.All he had was a problem in his lungs which had been there from many years back from that.He wanted to get out of that predicament and thereby he started gathering money to carry out the operation.He finally got a million dollars in his account after running through very hard works and hard times.Earlier today he signed in the cheque and was going to cash it to bill his operation fee but the cheque got out from his pocket and fell on the road while he was getting down the bus.
Fernando found him so guilty of that and after that happened he promised to get him an operation.So the following month that man went through the process and got out of all the problem.Fernando had already gathered a million loan from someone and billed his fees.He came out the wart all okay and forgave Fernando for his wrong doing.
* * *
Aamir peeked out the window,seeing the beauty of his garden.The window was real large.He smiled again and kept doing that again and again after spotting the historic rickshaw he used to ride on.It was the same rickshaw that had him earn an amount of building up a castle for himself.Meanwhile a boy came,serving a dozen of chilling drinks to Aamir, the rickshaw driver.He picked one,gave one to his guest.They both pressed hard their glasses,Aamir rose up the glass,touched it to his lips and sipped the pink juice down his throat.


Monis Iqbal said...

O boy this is amazing, I am shocked, awestruck. Not only the story is mesmerizing but the portrayal and writing style is beyond my imaginations. Proud of you.

Monis Iqbal said...

forgot to say Masha Allah.